Set-Uttappam recipe

This is a new recipe tried with idliy barter . It’s Kind of copied from the standard procedure of making Set Dosa. Its take less time than a uttappam . I named it Set-Utappam. Suggest me a good name for the recipe if you like it
Ingredients required:
Idily barter
Corn flour
Procedure :
1) Take the Idily barter and curd in 7:3 ratio and mix it such that it becomes a paste.
2) Then add corn flour(3:2 curd and corn flour ratio) to the mixture and mix it .
3) Leave the mixture for an hour.
4) Grease a tawa, pour one large ladleful batter, spread into a thick round.
5) Pour some Cheese all around and in the centre.
7) Add onions
6) Allow it to roast until it becomes fluffy and all the raw barter had been roasted.
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