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Even though Microsoft has come up with a wonderful concept of pinning applications to taskbar in Windows 7 but it appears that it’s really hard for these newfangled collections of open-and-closed programs to just allow a shortcut. The same implementation which Ubuntu calls Unity and one of the first things I came across was that I couldn’t keep some programs in the ‘taskbar’on the left . Same goes for Eclipse in Windows it seems. I’m using a 64 bit version of both Windows and Eclipse. 

It’s a bug!

After some google-fu I found this ‘double entry in the taskbar’ bug. The bug is not the same (“Eclipse icon is duplicated in taskbar”), but it seems the problem has the same cause and we can actually use one of the tricks down in the comments! Winz. My guess is the origional bug starts when you upgrade your Eclipse and allready have an Icon: then you have an icon you use to start eclipse, which makes a second non-pinable entry in the taskbar. To get from there to ‘my’ problem: just remove the first pin :)

 Getting the “pin to taskbar” to show

From this comment by ‘riccardo’ we can figure out that an extra line or 2 is needed in the eclipse.ini file. Adding the location of the VM should fix all your sores.
  1. If you haven’t: remove any old pinned eclipse icons.
  2. Find your eclipse directory, and the eclipse.ini file.
  3. Add 2 lines (preferably at the starting):
  4. Save
  5. Run, and wait for the main screen to show (so not the splash or the workspace chooser)
  6. Right click, choose pin, and enjoy.
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