Manage root access on rooted Android

The rooted android mobile provides the user great deal of flexibility in configuring the mobile the way he want's, But it also opens up the mobile to wide range of attacks if not managed not properly. Mallicious apps can get root access and access user information. So User must be careful which apps can get the elivated previlages. 

The Super User permissions can be managed by two popular apps

Here I am giving and demonstration how the root access for the apps can be managed on a rooted mobiles using superSU app. 

Click on any of the app to modify the root access in the listed apps under SuperS. After opening it  you will be asked to choose the access type.

Under the access type you have 
  • prompt
  • Grant
  • Deny
Based on the type of app choose the appropriate action. For the apps which can access you directories select Prompt. So whenever the app tries to access your files you will be prompted whether to provide grant access or not.
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