How to restore applications in ubuntu after re-installing ubuntu

Every time you re-install Ubuntu in you system you end up manually selecting and installing your applications. This can become cumbersome if you have lot of applications to be installed. Ubuntu has a good selection of Applications in the appstore, which could help you in automating the application installation.

Before you uninstall your system:

  •  Use dpkg to make a list of your packages:
    $ dpkg --get-selections < selections.
  • Make sure to save this file.

 Once you’ve installed the new version of Ubuntu,

  • Use the saved file to add the list of your existing apps to the new dpkg:
    $ dpkg --get-selections < selections.txt
  •  And finally: $ apt-get dselect-upgrade . This should install all the packages back onto your system.
Also make a copy of the application repository in the sources file and restore it before starting the above procedure.
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