How to delete all partitions on a flash drive in windows

If your flash drive has multiple partitions and when you try to delete the partitions in the flash drive, you might end up not being able to delete all the partitions via "Computer management" from Control Panel.

Windows provides another convenient advanced tool "DISKPART" command to clean up the disk.


  • Open CMD window
  • type DISKPART, a new window with DISKPART prompt opens.

  • type "LIST DISK" in the DISKPART Prompt

  • Select the flash drive from the list of disks. For example here my flash drive is "Disk 1". So command is " SELECT DISK 1"
  • After selecting the disk type " RECOVER" command to recover the disk
  • If "RECOVER" doesn't work type"CLEAN" command
  • then Disk 1 will be recovered as one complete disk
  • Then type FORMAT <option>Where <options> represent what formatting method you'd prefer. Alternatively, use QUICK

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