Holograms On iPad Using Sixth Sense Technology

I’ve heard many people taking about technology as a whole and that it’s not advancing as fast as in recent years which will eventually lead to a stagnation. I don’t agree at all with this statement and I believe that the advancement in technology will blow the mind of those who disagree.

For example, take a look at a technology called Sixth Sense developed by a MIT research assistant called Pranav Mistry. During the TED conference a couple of years ago, Pranav demoed a portable projector which gives people the possibility to interact with objects and the information displayed by the objects.
When Sixth Sense will be adopted at large scale will allow people to see the reviews of a book in real time then holding the book. The Sixth Sense projector knows that book your are holding and it will search the internet for reviews of that book. The reviews can be projected into the air or on the book or wherever you are looking.
According to inventor Pranav Mistry, Sixth Sense will be accessible to the a big chunk of Earth’s population as it will cost less than $350. Although Mr. Pranav said that the Sixth Sense software will be open-sourced, we are still waiting for the technology to be commercialized and adopted by manufacturers.
If you aren’t convinced by the enormous implications of Sixth Sense, then take a look at the video below. It was created by Zach Kind and it shows the technology implemented on the iPad. Thanks to Sixth Sense, the iPad’s display will be projected into the air as a hologram and it will give users the chance to interact with information.
Sixth Sense will partially make screen sizes obsolete as the hologram will be large enough for you to play Angry Birds and organize your iTunes playlists among other actions. The technology supports multitouch and hand gestures so it will be a pretty cool entertainment device.
Until the Sixth Sense mobile projector will enter mass production, watch the special video made by the aforementioned LA film student, Zach King, and let us know what do you think about the prospect of having holograms on your iPad!
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