For Dummy's: How to clean up your (online accounts) application permissions

With the increasing online presence and inter-linkage of different websites and applications, you might have granted many applications access to your Facebook account, Twitter, Google etc. For example you might have provided some Social games/apps to access your Facebook profile. There are many recent cases where user account have been compromised by these application like leakage of user information, spaming others Facebook wall or in-boxes You might wonder if your online security might have been compromised by these applications or websites and you might want to revoke access to these applications by cleaning up your account. With many accounts to manage you might wonder how to mange your online accounts.

Here are the links to mange the most commonly used Online applications:
Facebook Revoke
Google      Revoke
Twitter     Revoke
Yahoo       Revoke
LinkedIn Revoke
DropBox  Revoke
Flickr        Revoke

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