Why I hate programming

I try hard to do things on my own..

So many programming languages to play around… but can’t stick with any.. Daily a new programming language pops out adding to myriad collection  …better than the best or worse than the bad confusing the confused  .. Programming is for the lazy .. who can sit at a place not willing to move like a Sloth, Enjoying the cacophonous tik-tik keyboard sound.. Doesn’t matter how hot or cold the day is..  Watching the monitor with bleeding eye and arching back stuck to the chair  showing no-mercy to the so called fragile  human body… taking it to the limit and trying hard for  achieve the next level of human evolution called ‘Comp-droids’  . Programming is supposed to be a exercise for the brain which  utilizes  the grey matter  but it does the opposite.. Causing migraines and severe night mares effecting the efficacy of the brain  ..  Fiddle around with minor errors doesn’t matter how small  and trivial it is.. and easy to solve.. wasting time as if programmer has all the time in the world … doesn’t hurry even tough the world is supposed to end  ..Easily dictated by others what to do and when to do with wires to tangle  you as wireframe model and  a boundary line drawn as timeline.. Using the same antique programming language even thought fresh programming languages  arrived to make programmer more lazy, which depicts programmers are lazy to try a novel programming language.. Trying to learn a programming language in just 21 days as programmer being lazy and for the sake of completion,  doesn’t matter if we learned it or not.. And experimenting with the acquired half knowledge fiddling  with computer showing the wrath on the computer and others even tough they have  committed no crime ..

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