Thanks to the bandh my hour long journey to the office had shortened to 40 min… Many people might have got their much need rest, free pay and  valuable time to spend their time with their family…. But the question remains unanswered did the opposition parties get what they intended to? .. Did the bandh moved the Government such that the government will reconsider their decision regarding the deregulation?  …. In my opinion the answer is  big no.. The congress party openly said they are not goanna reconsider the decision of reducing the fuel prices and moreover the bandh had disturbed the lives of many.. Many lost their daily wages… The government lost staggering Rs.2000+ crores because of the bandh. The bandh was intended to be peaceful and voluntary. But the miscreant mob supported by the debauched political parties  disrupted the daily life .. They stopped the trains … vandalized the public property by destroying busses causing huge Loss to the RTC who are themselves  the victim of the price rise , destroying cars , buildings etc..     The bandh will indirectly lead to raise in price of many commodities. The transportation has been disturbed so the delivery of items will be delayed, Which in-turn leads to shortage of essential commodities which will ultimately lead to price rise. Is it right of the part of NDA and Left to Condemn the government for deregulation of the petrol prices . The opposition forgot the fact that NDA was the first to implement the deregulation of the petrol prices and Left supported the deregulation then ..So do they have the right to blame the government.. that they have to introspect…  

        What caused the government to deregulate the petrol prices … First, The mercurial Crude Oil Prices .. At present the crude oil price is around 75$ and is expected to raise to 100$ in the coming months, So government can’t wait until the crude oil prices raise to 100$ it will burden the government and inturn the common man. Its a better option  hiking the fuel prices  than keeping them artificially low and widening the fiscal deficit. T.C Ananth the secretary of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation hinted that “ The government's move to hike fuel prices should have come sooner, but acknowledged that it was difficult to time these kinds of decisions because of 'multiple pressures' in a democracy” ."It is very difficult to time these kinds of things, trying to time these things right is next to impossible, particularly in a democracy where you have multiple pressures at any given point of time. It is a right policy and it should have been taken earlier," he said.Explaining his reasoning for supporting the hike, he said if an open-ended fuel subsidy is maintained, huge budget deficits would occur when global petroleum prices rise. "This, too, contributes to generalized inflation," Anant said…… for more info refer
     Secondly, The losses incurred by Govt. OIL Companies.. Their losses account to Rs 80,000 crores annually. Govt.. can’t wait until the OIL companies are doomed , they are the lifeline of many people.. So its up to the government to protect them , So they are made to increase the OIL prices .. The current price rise only contributes to Rs 13,000 crores . It means the OIL companies will still incur losses of Rs 67,000 even after the price rise.
    Third, Faulty and parochial policies of the previous and the present governments and the inept management also contributed to the price rise.. The OIL companies weren’t able to meet with the raising demand of the OIL. The demand of the OIL increases by 3.5% per annum in INDIA … but the OIL companies aren’t in a position to meet the raising demand.. So India has to Import OIL at a higher price than the price required to produce them in India…  
    In the present situation it’s the responsibility of the Opposition to help the government tackle the raise is OIL prices than disturbing the governments functionality .. The Opposition waste the valuable parliament sessions time  by constantly disturbing them for trivial reasons instead of discussing more important issues like OIL prices and Price rise . Even thought the issue of Price rise is raised  in the parliament more importance is given in diverting the topic by  blaming the government than discussing regarding the possible solutions to keep the price rise in check..
   The question arises is did the bandh the proper way to express the feeling of betrayal and distrust … No, its a mere publicity stunt .trying to make people believe that political parties care for the people  by disturbing their normal life and causing huge loss in public property … The government should consider levying heavy fee on the parties who resort to this type of meaningless means of expressing their opinion….
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