THINGS that can be done with USB-I

USB flash drive can be used if   you want to try out an  operating system  without harming your system  or if you want to protect your system and to boost your system performance or if you want to run portable applications.
If you are considering to boot an entire operating system from the USB flash drive , operating systems like Linux and Windows can be booted. But it a tricky task to perform.
Boot Linux from USB Flash Drive :
If you are considering to boot Linux from a USB flash drive then  provides you the tools and steps to install  Linux on Flash drive.
if you want to try out the Google’s latest operating system Google Chrome OS:
Windows Installation Steps:
       1)Download the OS  image
        link 1:

       2)Download Windows Image Writer and install it
       3)using Windows Image Writer select the image (ChromeOS-Zero.img) and your USB drive letter from the drop  down  box  and click “Write” to copy the image to the Flash Drive
        4) restart the system and boot from the USB disk to load the Chrome OS
        5) the default user name and password is facepunch
        6) after loading wait for few minutes for the wifi connections to be detected or you can you LAN
        7) Enter into your google accounts by entering your user name and password in any of the google service
To know how to boot Windows XP from Flash Drive follow the article
Warning: Make Sure the size of the Flash Drive is more than 2GB and the Flash Drive is empty as the Flash Drive will be erased.
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