Nandi Awards 2009 (Telugu Movie Awards)

The Year 2009 had been a memorable year for Telugu Film Industry with releases like Arundathi and Maghadeera breaking Box Office Records. Surprisingly  the winner of the 2009 nandi award are not either Ram Charan or Anuskha .
Best Filim :Hyderabad Leni Telengana Maku Vaddu
Best Actor: KCR
Best Romantic Actor: ND Tiwari
Best Silent Side Actor: Chandrababu Naidu
Best Sensational Action Hero: Lagadapati Rajagopal
Best Comedian: Chiranjeevi
Best Dubbing Artiste: Chidambaram
Best Character Actor: Manmohan Singh
Best Story Writer: Sonia Gandhi
Best Screenplay: Sonia Gandhi
Best Direction: Sonia Gandhi
Best Audience: Rosiah
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  1. It is Wrong man Proved to be Indian and next Samyakya Andra is ur birth land so don't loose this one ok

  2. I'm for Samyakaya Andhra ... This was a mockery against the people who made mess out of the telangana issue