Middle click magic - Windows & Linux

Generally we use mouse middle click for scrolling the pages . But there are many simple tricks for the middle click which make life easy .

 i) web Browser (Windows & Linux):
  1 opening New Tab In  : Middle Click on any web url to open new tab
  2 Closing a Tab  : Middle Click on a tab to close the Tab

 Paste : Middle click can be used to paste a copied text . Copy the text to be pasted and middle click at  the
            location where the text has to be pasted
iii) Windows 7
    1 Opening new Window or a file : A new window or file can be opened for a file or window which is    currently open or being used . Middle click on the icon in the taskbar to open the new window or the file.
   2  Closing a File or Window : A file or widow can be closed by middle clicking by placing the mouse cursor
    on the icon of the file or window to be closed until the preview appears and then middle click on the preview to close it.      
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