Google’s Dubious Tactics

Google Maps is a the most popular Maps for the internet savvy Indian’s.  But is tricking the Indian’s by working as a aide of the China’s by crumbing under chineese pressure  by representing Arunachal Pradesh as the territory of China in the Chineese version of the Google map.

When we visit the Indian Version of the Google Map Google ( represented Arunachal Pradesh and China occupied Kashmir (COK) as a part of India .


In the international version of the Google Map ( it shows the entire Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as a disputed territories as represented by dotted lines as the border of the respective states.


In the chineese version of the Google Map ( it shows the COK and Arunachal Pradesh as territories of China  and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) as a distributed territory , which can be observed when compared to the other maps.


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