Install iTunes 10.2 in Linux

Even though there are many good music players for Linux none of them come close to Windows Media Player or iTunes in terms of performance and usability . An moreover to manage contents of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices iTunes is required  . But at present iTunes is available only for Windows and Mac OsX . So i will go trough the steps how to install iTunes on a Linux machine.

Step 1: Install wine --
              Go to Ubuntu Software center and search for " wine " and install it .
              you can download it from here and install it .

Step 2:  Open terminal and type " winecfg "
              press Alt+F2  and type " winecfg " and press enter  to open Wine Configuration

Step 3:  Go to " Applications tab " and select " Windows Xp "
             in Windows Version

Step 4: In " Drivers " tab, choose Autodetect

Step 5: In " Audio " tab, check ALSA drive and uncheck       OSS driver
and click OK to save the configuration

Step 6: Download iTunes for windows from  here

Step 7: In terminal go to the location where iTunes is
            downloaded and type
            wine iTunesSetup.exe

Step 8:

  •  Accept the User License Agreement  
  • leave the default installation setting (note down the path where iTunes is getting installed
  • After install a screen will appear to Run iTunes , Click No and don't run it 
  • Complete the installation .
Step 9 : Run the following command in the terminal to start iTunes
             ~/.wine/Path_Where_iTunes_Is_Installed/ iTunes.exe
            Double click the iTunes icon on desktop to open it .
            Ignore any warnings.

Note: The iTunes interface might not look as appealing as in Windows or Mac or performance might 
          not be similar compared to iTunes on Windows or Mac . But overall it performs better than
          most of the medial players in Linux.

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