Sort email messages by size in GMail

Want to find the emails which are using up your Gmail space, There isn't any functionality in Gmail which allows users to sort emails by size. You can use third party tools like outlook. But if you want to integrate the sort facility in Gmail then you need to try FindBigGmail. FindBigGmail sorts the email based on email Size into categories like "Big Mail", "Really Big Mail " etc.. . It will create a labels based on the email sizes which you can access in the left side-bar in you Gmail account.
You need to provide FindBigGmail access to you Gmail. Before providing
access make sure that IMAP option is selected under All Mail in Labels option.

After granting access it will scan your email and provide you the results of the scan and email you the results and Graphs related to the search and Adds the different sizes "Labels" to you Gmail account which you can find on the left sidebar in your Gmail account.
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