Install MS office 2007 in Linux

Over the years many would have tried to install MS Office using wine and would have faced hell lot of problems installing and wouldn't have succeed installing it . The simplest method is to install MS office using Cross Over Linux, Which provides the necessary tools to install MS office.

1) install wine (Windows Emulator)
Ubuntu :
    via terminal: sudo apt-get install wine
    Or you can also install directly from Synaptic packet Manger (System->Administration->Synaptic Packet   manager)

    download wine from and install it
    or install it via Yast 

2) Download Cross Over Linux and install it 
     Buy or Try it from Cross Over Linux Download
    or Download from torrent : Cross over linux torrent download-The pirate bay

3)Open Crossover Linux Installer from the program menu
and Select MS office 2007

4) Next goto select a Installer
    If you have it in a cd select the mounted cd drive
  or select the installation folder

5) Next create the Bottle neck .. i,e in which operating system mode to run... Its better to leave it as windows Xp

6) Then It will install the Software required for installation of MS Office ... Make sure you are connected to internet during Installation

7) After the required softwares are downloaded MS Office Installation gets started ... Continue the Installation procedure as you Used to follow in Windows

8) After Installation you can find the MS office tools in Windows Applications Menu in UBUNTU
and in SUSE you can find it in Application browser ->windows Applications

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