O’CRACY,D.E.M.,  beloved husband of T.Ruth,
loving Father of L.I.Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope,
and Justice, died on June 25….
This was published in the obituary column of Times of India during the times of Emergency, which actually means
DEMOCRACY , beloved husband of TRUTH,
loving Father of LIBERTIE, brother of FAITH, HOPE,
and JUSTICE, died on JUNE 25..

On June 25th 1975, Mrs Indira Gandhi declared a State of Emergency. The press was muzzled, civil rights were abolished and tens of thousands of political activists, including Jayaprakash Naryan (After emergency his JANAT PARTY won the assembly elections becoming the FIRST NON-CONGRESS government  ). In Effect India came under the influence of dictatorship.
This was submitted by Ashok Mahadevan a former Editor of Reader’s Digest to Times of India for publication.. This column was actually an excerpt of an article “Death of Democracy” which originally appeared in Sri Lankan paper when Emergency was declared in that country. The ingenious item death with the demise of “D.E.M.O’Cracy”, who left behind several relatives, including son named L.I.Bertie.
Word about this Ad spread fast .. Those who were against the Emergency loved i. The Ad was even published in the foreign newspapers. The police were called in to find out who had place the ad. But they got nowhere..
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