GRE 2011 Revision and Sample Papers

Sample and practice questions for New GRE Formats is available. Back in December, ETS announced New GRE Exam format. Now, prospective students who were planning to take GRE Exam test in 2011 have enough time to decide which GRE format they want to take the test.  They have an option to take GRE Exam before August 1, 2011 in current GRE Exam pattern. If they miss the deadline, they would have to register for the revised GRE Exam.

Revised GRE Sample Questions – 2011

Just by reading few sample questions and take practice test with few questions, you cannot decide which GRE exam format is better. But, the following sample will give you much greater insight into type of questions that will appear in the actual GRE Test.
Now, you have see the sample questions and you should have spent few minutes reading the questions types. Don’t come to any conclusion just yet. Just by reading through the questions or skimming through the practice questions will not give enough information to make a decision.
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