7 Reasons for Unemployment

Most of us are aware of the most conspicuous and common no-no's during interviews which include maintaining punctuality, not to answer the phone during the interview, not to handover resume with typos, avoiding the use of silly e-mail address, abstain yourself from bad mouthing your last boss.

An uncompromising attitude stands as an obstacle to your success. It should be kept in mind that even though one does not wish to compromise with his or her expectations, it is wise to hold some of the demands and be flexible for a temporary period of time.

Relying on one search engine proves fatal. When one applies for jobs, it is essential that he /she broadens the network and not completely rely on the online networking agencies or only approach companies that you know are hiring. Build contacts and increase your creativity.

Use of excessive attention on yourself decreases your value .To make an effective impression on your potential employer, put more focus on them and assure them of abilities to handle the responsibility and fulfill their demands.

Your failure to demonstrate long term potential puts you in a tight spot. Employers want to know how important your contribution would be in the future. The question "Where do you see yourself in five years?" is not just for drill but they wish to know that. So you must be confident when you answer that.

Another reason of not being hired might be the inability to analyze the reasons for it. Try to find the reason for your not being hired; it will help you to avoid those kinds of mistakes or circumstances .It is required that one increases his/her analytical abilities.

An unrehearsed interview will invariably shorten your chances of getting employed. Rehearse well before an interview and do not think about being sounding cliched and keep in mind the benefit of creating great answers to those questions.

Stagnating yourself after a few good interviews is yet another reasons for unemployment.Remember not to sit idle after a couple of good interviews and wait for your dream employer to call you. One must continue the search unless it totally confirmed.

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