Install Hyperterminal In Windows Vista & Windows 7

Windows Xp and previous version of Windows come with preinstalled Hyperterminal. But Hyperterminal Feature is removed in Windows Vista & Windows 7. Hyperterminal is used to connect to remote computers ,routers, external modems and other communication interfaces. It is generally  used by administrators for maintenance purpose.
Steps to install Hyperterminal Client in Windows Vista or Windows 7
Step 1:
Start your Windows XP system. Copy the files “C:\WINDOWS\system32\hypertrm.dll”
“C:\Program Files\Windows NT\hypertrm.exe” to the target folder in Windows Vista or Windows 7
You can also download the files in from here
Step 2:

You will be prompted to select Telnet as the default Program … Select No
Step 3:
Create New Connection. Provide a connection name. Icon cannot be assigned as we didn’t install the icons for hyperterminal .
Step 4:
You will be asked to specify the country code, area code and select the COMM port .
Step 5:
Set the port Settings
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