Linux Facts

  • Linus Trovalds developed the Linux Kernel while still as a student as the University of Helsinki in 1991
  • Last year, 75 % of Linux code was developed by programmers working f or corporations 
  • In December 2009,IBM announced a new mainframe system designed for Linux
  • IBM choose Linux for what is expected to be the world's most supercomputer, Seqoia, in 2011.
  • Linux Powers 446 of the world's top 500 supercomputers.
  • Some 95% of the servers used by Hollywood's large animation studios are powered by Linux
  • The first major film produced on Linux servers was 1997's titanic
  • Director James Cameron again chose Linux servers for box-office smash Avatar
  • Google runs its web servers on Linux 
  • GOOGLE has contribute about 1.1% of the code in the current Linux kernel
  • Linux has a strong following in smartphones and other devices in the consumer electronics world
  • Palm's WebOS, Google's Android and Nokia's Mamemo smartphone operating systems are built on top of the Linux kernel
  • TiVo uses a customized version of Linux for its applications
  • In 2009, Linux has 33.8% revenue marketshare of servers, compared to Microsoft 7.3%
  • As of January 2010 Linux still only has 1.02% Marketshare within desktop
  • Torvalds created Linux based on the GNU General Public License
  • Torvalds wouldn't have written his own operating system if GNU had a kernel at that time
  • The GNU Project then a lacked drivers, daemons and kernel
  • Under the GPL, any person or group distributing the Linux kernel must make the source code available to the recipient of the package
  • Torvalds said: " Making Linux GPL'd was definitely the best thing I ever did"
  • Torvalds failed to register the name "Linux" when he first started his open source ventures.
  • In 1994, William Della Croce, Jr. filed for trademark in the U.S and asked for royalties from Linux distributors.
  • Trovalds and his lawyers won the battle for Linux name in 1997.
  • Linux gained traction beyond the coder cult with 1993's Slackware distribution, which was easier for non-programmers too use
  • The Debian distribution was on of the first truly community-oriented Linux coding projects
  • Debian's code base remains the foundation for other distros such as Ubuntu, Knoppix and Xandros
  • Debian v.4.0's source code contains 283 million lines of code
  • $7.37 billion: projected cost to produce that amount of code in a commercial environment
  • The first commercially produce, live CD distribution of Linux was Yggdrasil, released in 1992
  • Red Hat was one of the first commercial Linux distributions to truly cater to the enterprise
  • Ubuntu was the first Linux distro to be offered by a major OEM(Dell) to desktop users
  • Xandros distribution helped make the netbook craze possible when it was chosen by ASUS for the first iterations of the EeePC
  • Linux-based Apache wasn't named for Geronimo's tribe, it was called "a patchy sever" fro its cobbled-together source code
  • In 2002 , the register claimed Microsoft spent $421 millions just to fight Linux
  • In 2003, the SCO Group earned enmity by claiming that IBM transferred UNIX code into Linux and asking for redress
  • In India state of Kerala made it mandatory for all of its high schools to run Linux on their computers
  • The federal government of Brazil favors Linux OS over all others in its PC's
  • In 2009, Brazil carried out the largest thin-client deployment of Linux to date, with 350,000 nodes
  • IDC projects that Linux support sales will top $1 billion by 2012
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