Tactics to Get Exposure for Your New Blog

The biggest challenge all new bloggers face is getting people to notice them. Even the highest quality of blog posts won’t do you any good if no one is reading them. Building a large audience for a blog takes time, but fortunately there are a number of different ways to quickly gain significant exposure to targeted readers, even for brand new blogs. We’ve probably all read about the importance of commenting on other blogs and linking out, but what else can you do?


Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, and Reddit are great for getting thousands of visitors to your blog in no time. Each one of these websites has its own audience with unique preferences. Take some time to study and analyze the types of content that are becoming “popular” on these sites and create your own blog post intended to draw attention from social media users.


While the major sites listed above send huge amounts of traffic, there’s also a lot of competition for that traffic. Niche social media sites are perfect for reaching a highly-targeted audience. Some niche sites still send very significant traffic, and best of all, it can lead to success with the major social media sites.


Another option for getting a quick rush of traffic is to get a link to your blog from a website with a very large audience. Find some of the largest sites in your market and take a look at what type of content they provide and who they link to. Once you have a good idea of what they like, create a blog post accordingly and email them to request a link.

Be sure that your post provides something of value for their readers. Tell them why it would be valuable to their readers, and maybe you’ll get a link. This is very similar to developing content specifically for social media in that you are starting with a specific audience and working backwards to create something that they will like. An example of a major website that links out to others is Lifehacker.


One of the best promotional opportunities that is ignored by most bloggers is writing guest posts. Many blogs accept guest post submissions, and those who take advantage of the opportunity can get targeted traffic, a link to their blog, and name recognition.

Take a look at some of the top blogs that focus on the same topics as your blog. Take a moment to email the blogger and introduce yourself. Ask if they would be interested in receiving guest submissions. Don’t stop with just one attempt; contact several of the leading blogs.


Probably the biggest lesson I have learned since I started blogging is the importance of networking with other bloggers. Bloggers are human. They help people that they like, and they like people that help them. Other bloggers have the ability to link to you, vote for you at social media sites, publish your guest posts, and promote your products and services. All successful bloggers have built a strong network along the way.

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