An important constituent of chili pepper can provide welcome relief from pain caused due to damaged peripheral nerves according to a new study conducted by researchers from the Oxford University. Patients of diabetes, AIDS or arthritis suffer from a number of peripheral neuropathies such as tingling, numbness, weakness in their toes or fingers and burning sensations. A number of therapies used to treat cancer are also responsible for causing such discomfort.However relief could be at hand after researchers from Oxford University conducted a study to test the effectiveness of capsaicin cream, which is present in chili pepper, in curbing such sensations.The team, led by Sheena Derry and Andrew Moore, studied the effect of capsaicin cream among 1,600 volunteers and found that around 40 percent of the patients were able to experience relief after using it.However the study, published in the journal The Cochrane Library, recommends that the cream should be used only in instances where other therapies are unable to provide comfort since it has a number of side effects.

Prominent among them is the patient suffering from skin irritation and burning sensation around the application site though the effects are mild in nature and will go away after some time.
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